China, 08, May 2015: Fire extinguishers are a must have in every building and establishment laden with modern amenities. Often buildings, flats, malls and houses catch fire causing a loss to lives and property. Factories, hotels, warehouses, storage rooms, machine rooms and mining rooms also catch fire accidently. Guangdong SENJE is a specialized manufacturer and seller of a wide range of fire extinguisher products. It has almost two decades of experience in coming up with high quality fire prevention materials and equipments. The company has well trained professionals to offer proper technical support and quality supervision in fire protection solutions.

Among its range of products, the Co2 fire extinguisher is available in three categories. This includes wheeled, alloy steel and carbon steel. Carbon dioxide extinguisher functions by displacement of oxygen and eliminating oxygen element of fire. Being so cool while emerging out of extinguisher, it can work under pressure. Such a safety device is applicable during first fire caused due to electrical appliances, combustible liquids like oil ethanol, combustive gas, etc. It is very easy to use this extinguisher for it works on pull, aim, squeeze and sweep methods step by step.

Guangdong SENJE is also offering foam extinguisher devices which come in three different options. Foam fire extinguisher, wheeled and wheeled with external gas cartridge are available choices for customers. These extinguishers can be placed in furniture factories, library, chemical plants, diggings, wharf, warehouse and vehicle. It is suitable for fires caused by paper, textiles, wood, rubber, plastics and flammable liquids. It operates by the common techniques involving pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. The handle should be pressed to enable the airflow shoot and cover the fire till it’s completely extinguished.

Some of the other extinguishers available are fire hydrant, fire hose, water mist, dry power, water based, etc. There are a range of fire motorcycles like pump fire, foam fire, water mist, dry chemical, etc. Many models come with a maximum speed limit of 50km/h and can load up to 570 kg at once. They have a 12 litres of tank capacity with climbing angle of 30° and minimum turning radius of 2.1m. These strong machines are well equipped to control unexpected emerging fire rapidly. It can be really useful during emerging fires in communities, tunnels, and busy viaducts.

Guangdong SENJE also offers fire protection materials to counter the ravaging fire. It includes fire stop bag, fire stop coating, fire stop sealant and fire resistant liquid. There are fire fighting systems, door series, electronic products, fire fighting series, etc. SENJE has a research and development team working hard day and night in fire extinguisher technologies.

About Guangdong SENJE:

Guangdong SENJE specializes in the production and distribution of variety of fire extinguishers throughout the globe. It has some co-operate partners in Asia, Australia, South America, Africa and Europe. The company has received several certifications with regard to patent, qualification and honour.

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