According to a recent medical research, baldness can be caused due to the production of a certain enzyme called 5AR. This 5 Alpha Reductase which is present in the human body turns testosterone into DHT. The DHT chemical is known for its capability to kill hair follicles, which results in baldness.

Hair Loss Protocol is an ebook written by Jared Gates which provides tips and guides on how to solve hair loss problems naturally. The author who also suffered from severe hair loss talks about how he managed to get his hair back without using any painful surgery or medications. Research and survey shows that 80 percent of men experience hair thinning by the age of 35. This can be quiet frustrating and self esteem lowering for most men who have to associate with people every day. Hair loss Protocol contains natural techniques on how to get rid of baldness. The writer uses different approach which he collectively calls them The Rebuild Hair Program. Built upon a scientific research, the ebook contains clear and easy to comprehend tips and techniques. Records show that over 94,922 people have already used the program and are happy with the result. The book starts with interesting findings on the root cause of hair loss and its various treatments to get rid of it. The techniques advocated by Gates are simple diet and exercises which will help in reversing the condition. Readers will also be guided on what vitamins to take in order to promote hair growth.

Jared Gates feels that the DHT chemical is the lethal dose of poison that makes sure that hair follicles do not help in hair growth. With The Hair Protocol, people can now fight against balding naturally. The program can be downloaded online and customers are provided with 60 day money back guarantee. For more information please visit

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This website provides complete information on the new ebook The Hair Protocol. Users can download the program and get to know the secrets on how to stop hair loss naturally.

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