25, March 2015: Hand Jet Printer has very small volume, light weight, and it is easy to operate, so now more and more demander will prefer this small hand jet printer. The person who operates it doesn't need any special trainings, almost everyone can operate it smoothly, because it is as small and easy as a telephone. No special person needed, zero maintenance, the use-cost is very low.

Hand Jet Printer

Handheld inkjet printer customized function normally included: database function, the printer will connect enterprise ERP system and read the data from system, then printing; Wi-fi function, the printer can connect internet, then read the text from PC, then printing; Bluetooth function, Printer available to connect with Android mobile phone, then the phone can be control printer to print based on customer requirement, etc... So the hand jet printer already popular come into management system of enterprise. For example, the Wi-fi Hand jet Printer already used for Steel tube quality traceability, When the portable inkjet printer read the database from computer, then generation 2D code printing on tube surface, then the worker will scan the 2D code and record the message into ERP system when shipment, and the ERP system will match the message who buy the pipe, and which industry using the pipe; Also the buyer can be control the pipe quality, don't worry the construction process based on the special identity, so in a certain extent, the wi-fi function of hand printer will solve the problem of trace management, and save the running cost of enterprise.

Even the function of Handheld Inkjet Printer is easy, but it includes all the normal requirements of the public. Nowadays, the technology and function of the handheld inkjet printer are constantly improving, in order to meet all kinds of different printing demands of the public. Of course, the individual design has been produced. Besides the standard functions, the handheld inkjet printer can be customized according to the clients' special printing demands.

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