Belgium; 28, April 2015: People across the world like to experiment with their hairstyles which are regarded as a compliment to the personality of an individual. However, not everyone is lucky to have enough hair for experimenting and sporting new hairstyles. Baldness and loss of hair is one of the major problems which are caused due to various reasons. But with advancement of technology and a series of treatments being made available, there have been several solutions to cure baldness and bring back lost hair. One treatment which is among the popular ones when it comes to curing baldness is the Direct Hair Implantation. This has been accepted and has been growing in demand due to the technology it’s built on. To make this service available for patients in Belgium and France, HID Global Benelux has come up with its services.

The company has its own team of experts who have been offering the treatments over many years now. The medication offered at their centres is based on the latest Follicular Hair Transplantation mechanism which comes with an advanced form of treatment. They have been offering their services for some time and have been known as a reliable Hair Restoration Bruxelles service provider. The Implant Capillaire Bruxelles which is a technical DHI treatment involves the capillary micro grafting technique as well as transplantation of hair in the most advanced and safest manner. In the process of offering their services, the experts extract the hair follicles one after the other and replace them directly over the receiving area. Customers would be glad to know that the entire process is performed by specialist physicians.

The process adopted is painless due to the use of local anaesthesia and it pains much lessor than getting a tattoo on your body. During the process a patient can do everything from watching a TV to taking his lunch for the duration of over 4 to 6 hours. Offering its services at their respective centres, the experts carry on regular research to enhance the results and offer better services to the customers. Being a popular Greffe Cheveux a Bruxelles provider, their services could be booked online or using the contact numbers mentioned on their website. To know more about the rates and the available solutions, customers can check their website. For any other queries regarding the treatment and the way it’s offered, the website has a dedicated FAQ section to answer to virtually each query.

About HID Global Benelux:

HID Global Benelux offers its range of hair treatment and technically advanced hair transplant services to the customers in Belgium and France. They have their own team of professionals who offer their services using the latest technique of Direct Hair Implantation. To know more and avail their services, customers can visit their website.