Everyone who has ever used internet and online marketing has come across business directories. There are many local directories targeting just specific geographic areas or countries. Other directories cover only some particular industry. Many others are global and focused on all trade categories and industries. There is also a difference in functionalities they offer, design and customer´s usibility. As well as their visibility on internet.
Between new generations business directory and B2B search engine belongs DoTradeEasy.com. It connects worldwide buyers and sellers from any industry. DoTradeEasy.com business network offers it`s customers effective online marketing tool to promote their company, products and services worldwide.
Once customers join this business directory they can complete their company profile, post product or service description or submit an enquiry.

Why should I complete company profile, product and service description or buying offer? Firstly, you will become visible on www.DoTradeEasy.com site. Secondly, if someone searches on Google or Yahoo certain product title or specific part of the products description, it could show him your product as a result. As DoTradeEasy.com said: “ This brings us nearly 50% of all our customers from search engines and makes one third of customers´sales. People many times search really specific name or descriptions.
This is easy and effective way how to increase your sales by posting your products or services to business directories. But choose carefully as not all of them will bring you desirable effect. It is free to become a member of www.dotradeeasy.com and to submit your company profile, products, selling and buying offers. This B2B marketplace will serve all freelancers, wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters and much more.
Trying a new marketing method is necessary for any viable business.