China; 16, March 2015: Tai chi is a common form of Chinese martial arts practised all around the world. It is practised by many learners and teachers globally for health benefits, and defence training. ICN Buys provides the interested buyers with a wide range of products associated with this form of martial arts. It has feiyue shoes, warrior footwear collection, tai chi apparels, Kung fu and Shaolin apparels etc. Products of the company are shipped to USA, UK, Norway, Canada and Australia.

Tai Chi clothing range is available for both men and women. The colours and shades are black, white, blue, pink, orange, red, green, and more. Kids range of clothing come in velvet navy blue, velvet gem blue, velvet maroon, and other shades. ICN Buys focuses on delivering high quality timely at low prices. Tai Chi pants come in cotton, silk, linen clothing in various colours and designs. There are Tai Chi T-Shirts in half sleeve and full sleeve with designs and patterns which are unique and trendy.

The Tai Chi uniforms in clothing range for men and women are stylish and comfortable. It is suitable to practise wearing high quality hybrid linen which gives a feeling of flexibility and softness. It is also helpful in maximizing the breathability and guiding into a journey to Chinese culture. Forceful neckline is well designed to ensure comfort and protection against deformation. The delicate cuffs come with incredible durability and handmade buttons are sturdy and round.

The clothing has delicate designs to keep the clothing in proper shape. It indicates a sense of nobility and maturity. Unparalleled quality is guaranteed by the intensive stitches. The massive amount of freedom available is ensured by excellent flexibility and colours. Moreover, most of the products are passed through quality control checks to make sure these are environmental friendly.

Tai Chi swords are designed keeping into account the steel, ductility, balance, shape and appropriate weight. Phoenix sword, ingot sword, flower pattern sword, dynasty style sword, hand carved dragon sword; ridge sword and stainless sword are available. Swords vary in blade width, blade length, material, weight, and other dimensions. ICN Buys focuses on coming up with budget friendly products without compromising on quality.

The China based online store respects the privacy of customers and shares no private information without their approval. Payment for products can be made through American Express, Mastercard, and Visa through the PayPal system. Return and replacement policies are also there for the customers.

About ICN Buys:

ICN Buys specializes in providing the customers with Tai Chi products including footwear, body wear, T-Shirts, trousers, swords and nanchaku. Products of the company are shipped worldwide at different international destinations. It focuses on providing the customers with high quality products at budget friendly prices. Visit the website for more information on products offered.

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