New Delhi, 03, December 2016: For the first time in the history of India, a team of like-minded women, comprising of activists, environmentalists, professionals and others, has come forward to form a political party to fight for their political, legal and social rights and create a society where equal opportunities will exist for both the genders. ALL INDIA WOMEN UNITED PARTY (AIWUP) has been formed following the vision of Rights guaranteed by UN Declarations and Conventions to Women and the Right to Equality guaranteed by the Constitution of India. It is an endeavor to create political awareness among women and provide them a platform to help fight against any kind of gender based discrimination.

General Secretary  AIWUP Ms Lakshmi Krishnan

According to the Party President, NasimBano Khan, AIWUP is dedicated to building a democratic, secular and Socialist State of India on the principles of equality and will strive for the dignity for the women. She states, “Being an all-women party, we are committed towards the upliftment and empowerment of women, and at the same time, we are destined to address all relevant local and national issues that need an attention.” Coming from an NGO background and with over three decades of actively participating to address a whole range of social issues, Nasim is confident to see AIWUP at the forefront of the national politics in India in the coming years.

Lighting the lamp President Nasim Bano Khan at  India’s First Women Political Party AIWUP Launched

Like Nasim, Lakshmi, who is the General Secretary of the Party, is also coming from an NGO background and for over three decades has been actively participating to address a whole range of social issues. Advocate Meena is also moved by the plight of the Indian women and is committed to make AIWUP a movement that can help achieve the goal of equality, development and peace for all women. She is the Vice President of the Party and as a seasoned legal professional, she believes, “Women must be aware of their political and legal rights, so that they can become capable to fight against any kind of injustice or discrimination that they often face in their life.”

Unlike other parties, AIWUP maintains strict guidelines that promote young generation of leaders to be at the forefront to lead the movement with their innovative ideas. The party mandates that the leadership will retire at the age of 65, and no successors or family members will be allowed to hold party positions. According to Lakshmi Krishnan, “We only promote talented and deserving candidates in our party. We are different and are entirely dedicated to achieve equality, development and peace for humans, irrespective of their caste, creed or gender.”

According to the national spokesperson of AIWUP, they are going to contest the upcoming Punjab and UP assembly elections and all other states. The name of candidates for Punjab elections is going to be finalized very soon, and they are going to share the list with the media very soon. The party is confident of making a significant debut in the Punjab elections, with their unique perspectives and a different set of goals to achieve.


AIWUP is an all-women national political party, registered with the Election Commission of India, with “Bangles” as their election symbol. The party follows the principles of equality for everyone in the society and will endeavour to eliminate all discrimination in the society to help build a harmonious environment for all men and women to live and prosper and also play their part in building the nation. AIWUP is going to contest forthcoming assembly elections in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and other states.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Manisha Parmar (National Spokesperson)
Phone No.: +91 9999699762, 9212468533
Email: [email protected]

Background Note to the Editor

ALL INDIA WOMEN UNITED PARTY has been formed to provide a platform for the women to take active part in the politics. After passing the UN Declaration at Beijing which provided the opportunities for the women’ participation in politics and having political power share equally, it has been always the agenda on the International Forums to set stage for the women to take active part with a political entity. AIWUP as a political party aims at contesting elections and asking for the mere reservation for the women as the it is provided in all United Nation’s agenda to get equal power share for the women since they constitute 51 % of the population of the world. Hence, they must have their own voice in every sphere of the life including the decision making capacity in all departments of Government, Council Houses, Assembly and Parliament where crucial decision are made either way for the entire society.

Hence, in accordance with the UN DECLARATION, we felt to the need to constitute and to conceive the idea of an all Women Political Party, which was registered with ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA as a political party on 01.01.2015


The Party believes in a polity that ensures decentralization of economic and political power. Party endorses the Beijing Declaration on Women’ Right and UN Charter/ Declaration on Women’s Right, and convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The Party will make all efforts for the free, fair and peaceful election in India as guaranteed by the Constitution of India. The Party will ensure and follow the doctrine of smooth functioning of Parliament, Assembly and other Houses/ Councils. The party will not allow their candidate for contesting elections more than two terms and or holding the post for more than ten years either in organization or/and in the Parliament and Assembly or the Councils. The Party will ensure the second line, young leaders in every stage so that there will be no crisis of leadership in the party or organization. The party will promote education, training and political awareness among the women, under privileged and for casting votes in elections, not to use violence or indulgence in criminal activities, and always support the cause and rights of women.