Since 1981 Clive "Soldierman" Kirkland has virtually been a one man army carrying a message that he alone, even up to the year 2009
continues to spend every resources available to him in order to bring to as many people as possible.

His message centers around the importance of all humankind recognizing the relationships between the cradle of civilization he refers
to as "Africa" and every living organism on our planet. Recognizing the perplexity and gravity of such a message along with intuition
moved Mr. Kirkland to make it available to anyone who wishes to hear it in the form of music that is both easy to listen to and inspiring.

"Soldierman's" message is available by way of personal contact and via the internet where anyone with unrestricted access to the World Wide Web
can listen to it free of charge. He has also distributed his message to over (5) five thousand radio stations in the United States, Africa and Italy at the
time of this writing.

Clive "Soldierman" Kirkland was born in a small village of less than 3,000 residents in the foothills of Jamaica's Blue Mountain called,
St, Mary's Parish. Being the seventh child of a large family of eleven children, he eventually was separated from the rest of his family at age (11) eleven
and was raised in Jamaica's Capital City of Kingston's August Town Parish. This is where he made use of his talent for singing and performing in
many of Kingston Jamaica's Churches and public concerts.

Since the age of five (5) "Soldierman" was a big fan of classic American Cinemas and recalls being inspired by the movies he would watch as
a boy in Jamaica's famaous Victorian Style, Ward Theatre. He was also a big fan of popular American and Jamaican singers like, Jim Reeves,
Marty Robbins, Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh, Charlie Pride, James Brown and many other popular singers during the same period.

"More Culture" is "Soldierman" third self released album in which he, in a style similar to popular Jamaican roots music artists, calls on all
who listen to his music to understand that his message is not only beneficial for the oppressed but also the oppressors.

Listen to music from Clive "Soldierman" Kirkland free of charge on the internet at Purchase music
from Clive "Soldierman" Kirkland online at Amazon, Itunes & Rhapsody or special order it at your favourite music store. The music of
Clive "Soldierman" Kirkland can be requested by listeners at any radio station world wide. You can contact
Clive "Soldierman" Kirkland @ 954-588-3935 or email him, email address: [email protected] or [email protected]