Internet fraud, particularly advanced fee frauds claim millions of victims globally. It has been estimated that over $32 Billion USD has been claimed to date by these scam artists and the number of organized perpetrators is over 300,000 globally and growing 3% per year. With inadequate funding for anti e-cyber crime efforts, the numbers continue to rise.

Every once in a while an opportunity to help another human being presents itself. An opportunity to help someone who is deserving but either too proud or too embarrassed to ask. This is one of those opportunities.

Desperate Father of 5 Needs Your Help!

A hard working father of 5 young children has been added to the growing number of victims taken by an advanced fee fraud. In fact, he was taken for nearly every penny he had, became a victim of identity theft and had his credit destroyed in one fell swoop. He is now faced with the inability to adequately provide for his family and eviction from their family home with nowhere to go.

In order to help this young stuggling family, a local webmaster has stepped up to the plate and is auctioning off two complete online businesses.

One of the businesses up on the auction block is a membership site and fully loaded blog. The other is a social networking community for serious business owners. Both sites have the ability to create a 6 or 7 figure annual income for the new owners.

The auction runs for three days only with all proceeds raised going to help this young family in need. For more details and to place your bid on either of these web businesses, visit the blog at .