Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year. It is a time of celebrating the birth of Christ and giving selflessly from the heart. Today, however, many people have a misconstrued idea about Christmas and gifting. In these challenging economic times, many people spend way more than they can afford on buying expensive Christmas gifts to try to please other people. Christmas is more than just expensive gifts; it is about spending time together with loved ones and giving gifts that come from the heart.

According to, a Christmas poem is one of the most effective ways of sharing Christmas wishes with loved ones. Poetry takes on a new meaning during Christmas and brings families and friends closer to one another. Christmas poems can be used as Christmas readings for Christmas church services, or shared in a Christmas newsletter, or included in a Christmas craft project or scrapbook. Christmas poetry can also be used in Christmas plays and pageants. Christmas poems can also be used for children to learn and narrate as speeches. If the poems are long, they can be used in parts so that the kids can each learn parts of the poem. Alternately, shorter Christmas poems can also be used for this purpose. further elaborates on the rich and vibrant Finnish poetries. The people of Finland are a poetical people and have a rich poetic history. One of the most famous Finnish Christmas poems is “Sylvian joululaulu” or Sylvia’s Christmas song which was written by Zachary Topelius.

Nowadays, many Christmas poems can be found online. These poems can be used in cards, newsletter and even on websites. Most of the available poems are nice and short and can be perfect for writing on cards and letters. Christmas poems need not always be overly religious. In fact, these days one can find many funny Christmas poems and verses too. To get more information please go to

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