Bellevue, WA; July 10, 2013: Keller Williams Realty proudly announces of adding Bellevue Towers Condos to their portfolio. Now, property buyers can take help of the realtor’s expert services to book a condo on Bellevue Towers which is often considered a jewel of architecture where luxury and comfort welcome the residents at each and every corner of this marvelous structure. According to KW Realty, buying a condo on Bellevue Towers could be a dream of any property buyer who loves to spend his life amidst stupendous form of luxury, creativity and craftsmanship and now they are there to make people’s dream come true. 

Bellevue Towers Bellevue WA is the largest and a well-known urban condominium project in the region, offering a host of spectacular features to its residents. The project consists of over 500 residential units and is the first residential project of the city to receive Green Building LEED Gold Certification from the State’s Green Building Council. Thus, this high-rise condominium is not only popular among the people who love opulence and lavishness in life but also among the people who care for the environment. These are some of the salient features that make this particular residential housing scheme very popular among the property buyers from across the USA. 

Realtors in Bellevue maintain that currently Bellevue Towers is considered as the most attractive property buying opportunity for the buyers in the local realty market. This is the reason why these condos are being sold like hot cakes and buyers are rushing to book their homes in the Towers. Even studio and one-bedroom apartments in the Towers are being sold very fast and one needs to make a very quick decision if they want to have their residence in this magnificent residential twin tower. 

Bellevue Towers consists of a 42-story North Tower and a 43-story South Tower, spanning an extensive area enclosing every aspect of luxury and opulence for its resident’s delightful and high-quality life. Buyers willing to buy a condo, studio or an apartment on the Towers can check the finer details of the property on the website . 

About Bellevue Towers 

Bellevue Towers is a twin-tower residential condominium community located in Bellevue. It comprises of 539 residential units, featuring luxuriously designed condos that showcase a spectacular range of amenities such as fitness center, spa, sauna, lawns etc. Bellevue Towers is a LEED Gold rated residential project in Bellevue. 

About Keller Williams Realty 

Keller Williams Realty is a team of experienced real estate professionals who have extensive knowledge of the local real estate market in Bellevue. They develop an action plan after fully understanding the client’s needs allowing them to choose the best properties in the area. Recently, they have added the Bellevue Towers Condos to their portfolio. 

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