No matter what you have done in your life or what you’ve been through, God can use you! This certainly rings true for Kent Osbourne. Kent’s parents died at a young age and he lived with his aunt until he ran away at the age of 14. He found himself in and out of jail until he was incarcerated for 2 years. It was during incarceration when Kent found solace in writing rap music and performing.

Recognizing his musical gift, Kent began performing in talent shows soon after his release from prison. Kent went by the artist name “JamericanPrince” and began open up for major artists such as Lil Wayne, Field Mob, Trina, Kia and a host of others. As Kent began traveling, he sold over 10,000 CDs and signed a distribution deal with Matordor/IMG/Universal.

Unfortunately, it was during this time Kent was sent to prison for the second time for violating probation. This time while Kent was incarcerated, he gave his life to God and began writing gospel rap music and performing in prison. The feedback he was getting was tremendous.

After his release from prison, Kent found a home at Promised Land Church where he began rapping and ministering at different churches. Kent is focused more than ever on using his talents to reach people because he has a story that can be heard and felt through his music. He is the perfect example that God can use anybody.


Kent’s Musical Collaborations & Performances
Single “IM BETTA”
Opening for: Lil Wayne, Pastor Troy, Field Mob, No Good, Juvenile, Mystical, JT Money, Trina

Booking & Interviews:

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