The world is ready for kingBook social media network. The GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of the Crown UK has created its own social network for government development.  Other networks are used in the empire but the empire has decided to create its own social network.

KingBook will help to get new friends and meet the right people that can help in our government.  New members can find friends and create their identity inside the network. You can create profiles, get new friends, create team and sites in other network pages, you can share in timeline.

The new social media network has started and you can become part of kingBook. Our color is a purple. The purple is the color of Emperor King Ludwig and GOV IUKAC Empire. This network we help a lot in our goal of GOV IUKAC stock market and the Dukedom Grand Dollar and Denario currency, and of course our sovereign empire task.

Our social network is not meant to compete with other social network. The only work is to make a good social network with focus in government network. However we permit all people. You can create your team in other network the name is group. We use the word team. We have different button to reply to other social media. Kingbook has started. We hope for a successful social media network.

To join KingBook, visit

By the grace of God

Emperor King Ludwig Falkenstein

[email protected]