05, May 2015:


You may want reasons for the quiet spell over at the Krism camp recently and we are here to provide you with those updates you are interested in. There is lots to come this year in 2015 as the EP “Four Eyes” with an upcoming single set to release at an undetermined date. To really get every update, connect on social media by clicking on one of the links below. Collaborations with several talented producers from Germany (Tobi Topic, BTHVN) are also in the works to be recorded and released this year.

Krism has been working hard this year to make the best material he ever has. Every day developing his sound and exchanging ideas with his producers Erik Chokanis and Bryan Kuznitz at Afflux Studios audio department. This commitment has to led to what will be the most revolutionary sounding EP from Krism yet. Expect some half acoustic, fully electronic, and even some fully live tracks on this one. The amount of thought and preparation this EP has gone through is unprecedented as Krism is working to secure a deal with a label to fund the promotion of the work. Buy the last EP here

Donations and purchases of the latest EP by fans and friends have fueled Krism's search for a suitable label from which to release his latest material. The single coming from the EP is all finished and is being used to attract industry attention behind the scenes. Its half acoustic, immersive and dark sound is sure to send everyone on a tail spin of emotions when listening. The first Krism music videos are also in the works with the team from Afflux club video production department in West Palm Beach FL.

Featuring sounds from multiple genres this EP is the expression of a side of Krism that is yet to be seen. While the self titled EP featured a bonus track in the reggae genre and tracks that pushed the boundaries of drum and bass and dub step genres; this new EP is working to combine elements from far reaching genres as electronic, funk, hip hop, and jazz all in a experimental pop format almost anyone can appreciate. Musicality is the goal of this project and pushing the boundaries more than ever is the point.

Expect sounds you have never before experienced as catchy and interesting melodies go off around unorthodox instrumentals produced by the extraordinary team who had also produced Krism’s last EP.

Get ready for a great diversity of tracks that are sometimes dark and sometimes bright and edgy. One song will incorporate hip-hop elements showing a side of Krism we have not seen before. Another will be completely live and including jazz elements. Overall this EP, despite its planned diversity will be more focused and mature than the last one.

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Check out Krisms last collaboration with BTHVN recently below...

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Written by: The Krism Music Team