The team at has recently introduced face time for android. This program makes it possible for android users to facetime with their buddies even without using any of the apple devices. This comes as good news for android users as it works on all android devices. This special app created by the team of experts at is easy to use.  

The spokesperson of this website has said that the application functions through the ios ROM that has been based on the iphone application. What the team did was, they translated the ios ROM into an android language. They basically changed the blueprint in order to suit the specifications of the android application and this resulted in creating an ideal facetime for android app. The facetime app for android is simple and easy to install. It does not require specialized skill or knowledge to install this app.

The team understands that a lot of people do not have the accurate knowledge and thus they have made an installer particularly for this application that makes it extremely easy for the users to download. All the users are required to do in order to use facetime for android is simply follow some simple steps.What’s more is that the team provides all the instruction for downloading the app at their website. However there are two different instructions given for phone and pc.  For pc download, the first thing a user is required to do is to go to their site and click on the download button that will appear on the bottom of the page.

The users can then use a USB cable to connect their android device to a pc. Then from there they can open and run the application file and click on the install button. Once the installation is complete, the users can start enjoying facetime on any of the android device. For downloading facetime on android phone devices, the users will be required to download the app given on the bottom of the page. The app will install on the phone device automatically and it will be ready to use. For more information please visit

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Facetime for Android is now possible even if you don’t have an iPhone, or any Apple gadget for that matter. Our team has created a special application for Android users, allowing you to Facetime your buddies without the use of any Apple gadget. This app works on ALL android devices.


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