12, May 2015: Mr. Liang has managed the Health Care Fund since its inception and is Drukenmiller Investment Services’ most acclaimed external portfolio manager. 

Drukenmiller Investment

Associate portfolio manager Jean Yung Wai, will assume managerial responsibility of the fund upon Mr. Liang’ retirement. Ms. Yung Wai has served on the Health Care Fund management team since its inception. 

“Mr. Liang’s track record of excellent returns puts him in very select company in the investment management business. We are indebted to him for his decades of distinguished service to our clients,” said Drukenmiller Investment Services (Drukenmiller-Investment.com) CEO, Cao K. Zhuoven. “Ed’s long-time colleague, Jean Yung Wai, is a well-qualified successor and speaks to the deep and talented team of investment professionals at the organization.” 

The performance of the fund’s Investor Shares is compared with its peer group average, benchmark, and the Hong Kong’s stock market. 

Commenting on his impending retirement, Mr. Liang said: “While I still have great passion for research and investing, I believe it is time to pass the reins to the next generation of management. I am very confident in Jean and the Health Care Fund team, and wish them much continued success.” 

In the management of the fund, Drukenmiller Investment Services employs a diversified approach and seeks to maintain exposure across five primary subsectors: health services, medical products, specialty pharmaceuticals, major pharmaceuticals, and international markets. The team uses fundamental research to focus on companies with high-quality balance sheets, strong management, and the potential for new products that will lead to above-average growth in revenue and earnings. 

About Drukenmiller Investment Services: 

Drukenmiller Investment Services (Drukenmiller-Investment.com) is an investment advisor based in Hong Kong that draws on the quantitative expertise. The mission of the Drukenmiller Investment Services’ team is to seek to build systematic strategies, driven by cutting-edge technology, intended to meet the needs of our clients. Since its formation Drukenmiller Investment Services has focused on identifying trends and other inefficiencies through statistical analysis or market behaviors. This is used to develop systematic trading models designed to profit from such opportunities wherever they arise. As our business expands we remain committed to retaining an entrepreneurial "small-company" feel. 

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