United States of America; 13, May 2015: iPhone 6 is the latest addition among the different versions of iPhones launched by Apple. This multifunctional smartphone tends to be a style quotient for many people and huge amount of people have bought it around the world. There are various accessories available for iPhone 6 and people buy them as it increases the style quotient along with protective measures required for the phone. MarlJohns is one such manufacturer that has come up with his arm band that helps in carrying iPhone 6 conveniently and sells them through Amazon online store.

iPhone 6

The most difficult part is carrying the phone while playing a sport or while working out. MarlJohns has come up with its designer range of arm bands that provide protective cover for the phone and help people in carrying them easily while working out in the gym. This sporty armband makes sure that people can easily carry their phone while they are playing any sport and are able to receive a call easily. While playing a sport it becomes difficult to receive the call and one needs to keep their phone at a place where the phone would be safe. If there is a call while working out or playing the sport then they need to compromise on their work schedule and go to receive the call. The main focus of the manufacturer is that people don’t have to compromise on their activity and easily receive the call while they are playing or exercising.

iPhone6 is one of the most expensive smartphone present in today’s market. No one would like to see even a scratch on their phone as it would affect the look of the phone and reduce its beauty. The main aim behind manufacturing the sporty armband for iPhone 6 is to provide protective covers for the phone without compromising on the beauty of this smartphone. MarlJohns has developed it in the form of an armband that can be conveniently worn on the hands and the phone fits in easily in the bands.

The iPhone 6 sporty armband can be viewed on the Amazon store and one can read more about the features of the phone. Along with iPhone6 there are armbands available for users of iPhone6 plus. This durable armband is around 4.7 inches and the buyers can even wash them easily. They also have charging and headphone slots so that one does not need to open the armband while they want to listen to music or charge the phone.

About MarlJohns:

MarlJohns has come up with an innovative armband that is being sold through Amazon store. This armband is available between the range of $5.99 to $18.98. If people make orders more than $35 then they get free shipping facility.

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