4 smart applications in 1...

Mindsystems Amode combines visual planning, information handling, project management and multi-task management all in one tightly integrated application.

In other cases you may need up to 4 separately running applications to accomplish what can be done with Mindsystems Amode. This integration saves you time and money, but also greatly enhances your efficiency and cuts down learning curves.

With over 60 new features since the previous version, Mindsystems Amode offers truly flexible information management system.

Powerful filter & search...

Show tasks due (today / this week / this month or custom period) for you or your whole team with a single click!

Filter your topics on variety of search parameters such as task start/finish, work time, person/resource assigned to tasks, priority, percentage done/not done, icons or free text filter.

With a single click split filter results off into a new project within your current Solution File or create a whole new file. Ideal if you want to create a separate project just showing this weeks tasks, allowing you to focus on meeting your objectives.

Multi project management...

As opposed to other applications that simply allow you to view multiple files, Mindsystems Amode allows you to create even closer connections between projects by containing everything in one master file. This is an incredibly stable and effective way to handle your information all in one place, and it also makes transporting your work much easier due to the 'self-contained' nature of the Amode Solution File. The Solution File contains inside any number of Amode Projects.

The advantage to the Solution File is you can have multiple projects that can share resources, attachments, relationships and many other functions, all contained in the one master file.