NPO Creations, one of the leading providers of organic and natural products for years, will take its presence further with its inaugural years of live demonstrations of its products in Richmond, VA.

Aside from exhibiting at the 25th St Market 1330 N 25TH ST. Richmond VA 23223, NPO Creations will also be demonstrating its organic and natural products. The event will take place from 3 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening, and will take place on June 11th, 13th & 15th.

Combining an appealing presentation that covers the acoustic innovation behind their products and the chance to avail high quality products for a very reasonable price, participants will discover NPO Creations signature experience and how consumers will benefit as a result.

“We, at NPO Creations, believe that even though your products seem intuitive to use, it is helpful to have some demo to show what it as well as how it works. Sad to say, many beauty companies try to give a demo with their hand, showing their creations to their clients. This can be efficient, but it is more efficient to put your items in the hands of real users. During our product demo, we will invite clients to try first hand our products to know their efficiency.”

NPO Creation will include their 5 latest products in the demo such as 2 Body Polishers, Confident King and Queen Uplift, Liquid Black soap, Black soap, and Coconut milk vegan hand and body cream.

All these five products are 100 percent natural and organic. A big problem in the field of beauty products is that there are no governments rules on what can go in these products. The FDA is supposed to control the standards of foods and drugs. While many people think that the authority does not do the best on controlling diet, it’s nowhere near as bad as with cosmetic or beauty products.

A lot of beauty products available today are harmful as well as causing skin irritation. People are getting more sensitive to common chemicals. However, buying organic and natural beauty products from NPO Creations can leave you worry-free about harmful chemicals. The components in NPO Creations organic products have a nutritional value which helps to support the skin. They have been studied and researched to ensure that they refine, repair as well as rejuvenate skin.

For more information about NPO Creation and its products, visit their product demo event on the 2nd week of June in Richmond, VA. Email us at for more details.

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