Once in a lifetime, a true Bahamian artist Will Emerge to Help Redefine and Reshape the entire landscape of music as we know it.

Angel Reckley is embracing the talents bestowed upon her, and ready to be the next powerful voice that changes the music industry for all of us.

The passion radiates from her voice. You can hear every ounce of emotion that comes directly from her heart. Born in Nassau Bahamas Angel has dedicated her life to the music. It’s not simply something she does in her spare time; every single moment of Angel’s life is dedicated to making music and becoming the very best version of herself that she can possibly be. “For Me music truly resonates in the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide. So I’m extremely grateful to have the chance to show the world my talent”.

Her debut single “Hello World’ will officially release on all music platforms January 28th, 2019.  A smooth yet fun and nostalgic R&B song that talks about the romantic quirks of being in love.

This talented lady is one to watch and is definitely on the rise.

Find out more about Angel @ Islandmindrecordings.com

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