Brisbane, Australia, May 02, 2013: FaxMate, the value-leader in offering Online Fax services, now announces integration of Google Drive for receiving unlimited faxes, without using a fax machine. FaxMate, the brand owned by Betteroff Networks Pty Ltd, becomes one of the pioneer service providers in Australia, allowing Australian Business Houses to use the power of Google’s Cloud Storage to receive faxes in a speedy and affordable manner. Online fax has emerged as an accepted means of carrying out business communication and it is replacing the traditional fax machines very fast. However, the Google Drive integration by FaxMate is being seen as an effort to augment the capability of the existing online fax applications, and it is expected that it will significantly increase the customer base that utilizes the internet-based fax services. 

CEO of BetterOff Networks, Craig Halliday maintains that their Google Drive integration is going to revolutionize the world of business communication by offering incredible delivery speed, unlimited storage and almost nil cost. He states about this new service, “The efficiency and cost advantage of the Internet Fax are already known to the businesses. But our online fax service with Google’s cloud storage is specifically meant for businesses to achieve operational efficiency by instantly communicating or sharing information in-house or with clients. Fax can be received into Google Drive in a pdf format and which can be shared instantly with others.” 

Halliday further maintains that by integrating Google Drive with online fax, he allows users to backup faxes and also they can take help of indexing and search features to organize and find a particular fax instantly from a bunch of faxes stored on the drive. He says, “The days of traditional fax machines are over now. Now, users can receive a fax from any location and they need not to stay glued to the machine to receive it. Using the internet, a client can access his or her Google Drive from anywhere and can download the received fax.” 

Several businesses in Australia have appreciated this new technological advantage that FaxMate has brought for them. Robert Dybala, Business Development Manager of Myconnect reveals appreciably, “It not only brings you the convenience and flexibility, but it’s also very cost-effective. FaxMat has provided us the leverage of achieving an improved faxing infrastructure for scalable and optimized results.” 

In Australia, the 'Online Fax Service' has already been a familiar means of business communication and with FaxMat’s Google Drive integration, more and more businesses are expected to be the part of this web-based faxing mechanism. Anyone can take advantage of this new faxing service by following the link, and completing the simple signup process. 

About FaxMate: 


FaxMate is a registered Trademark owned by BetterOff Networks Pty Ltd. and has been engaged in offering fax-to-email services to a large number of Australian business houses since 2004. Today, FaxMate has grown to be one of the largest online fax service providers in Australia. Their customers range from home users to large corporations and all appreciate their efficient online fax services. Recently, they have integrated Google’s cloud storage with their online faxing, to help people receive faxes directly into Google Drive. FaxMate offers delivery of faxes into Google Drive as PDF files, and users can take help of Google Drive’s powerful indexing and search features to sort and organize faxes. They offer affordable plans to help meet the faxing requirements of individuals as well as business houses. 

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