Outshine Solutions, one of the most innovative IT services company, announces the launch of RDDS (Rapid Deployment Dedicated Servers). Till now Dedicated Servers has always been associated with long setup time delays and huge deployment time. In a major decision on 8th July, 2009, Outshine Solutions has announced the launch of its innovation line of dedicated servers and named it Rapid Deployment Dedicated Servers (RDDS).

“We have observed that most of the time dedicated servers are deployed between 12-24 hours. Even established and most reputed company’s takes long time to deploy a dedicated server. That much amount of time is really not acceptable in fast moving world” says Ashish Jha, from Outshine Solutions

According to Mr. Sachin (CMO), “We always felt that dedicated servers should be deployed as soon as possible once the client’s shows interest in it. We have finally made it possible to guarantee deployment of dedicated servers within 60 minutes.”

In addition to minimizing the deployment time for dedicated servers, Outshine Solutions is taking steps to improve the response time of support department. Dedicated servers are key component of any company’s infrastructure and steps should be taken to improve the deployment time of that key component.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashu elaborates “We have made it possible for the users to get the dedicated servers they need within a guaranteed time frame no one else can meet. Our servers are fast and backed up by rapid support round the clock. Users will definitely love this experience at Outshine Solutions. Moreover RDDS is very affordable even for small to mid level segments”

Outshine Solutions has always invented innovative products for its customers and will continue to do so. Quality Services is what company is looking at. Outshine Solutions is partnering with many companies worldwide to expand its operations in the international market. More details of rapid Deployment Dedicated Servers can be found at http://outshinesolutions.com/web-hosting/fast-dedicated-servers.html

About Outshine Solutions:

Outshine Solutions is an innovative IT services company which focuses on delivering results rather than just delivering the project. What makes us different is our innovation factor. We believe in innovation. It's innovation which makes us better than others. It's innovation which can make you successful. Internet is quite different from other mediums, and so outhine solutions has a different approach to make you successful. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for discount coupons), visit http://outshinesolutions.com/.