Our Lead Reporter Andrew Evan's, has Some Ever Glowing New's To Reveal Once Again.
Early This Morning, A Source Came To Us, With New's That The Italian Chart Topper Lady Gaga, Claim's Spanish Internet Chart Topper Benjamin Starr Stole Her Original Song Dance Along With Me.

Website's Have Surfaced Yet With Both Artist's Having Singing The Song's Along With The Lyric's, All Though It Isnt For Sure, Which One Actually Copied Who. It Isn't Such A Great Career Move For Lady Gaga, To Be Accused Of Stealing Rhoison Murphy The Opposing Pop Star's Style, And Now Accusing One Of Spain's Most Influential Artist's of Song Stealing?

A Starr Source Tell's Us, Nobody Is Actually Sure Of What Benjamin's Real Name Is, After Reading A Biography About him, We've Come To Find Out, He Created An Alter Ego, As Like Miley Cyrus Alter Ego. American New's Reporter's Explain To Us, That Benjamin Is Soaring Off The Internet Chart's, while Lady Gaga Is Ruling the Bill Board Hot 100. Each Of The Artist's, Has Gone International, but We Here At The Seattle Time's, Feel, Once This Fight Is Over, One Of These Singer's May Be Over For Good.