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Rasdale Stamp Company, a prestigious stamp auction house located in greater Chicago, has announced that 2017 marks its 85th anniversary. Rasdale stated that it began operations as a family-owned company in 1932, and remains a family business today. Rasdale also stated that it has been very active in furthering the hobby of stamp collecting since the company’s inception. According to Rasdale, the company is actively involved in such prominent organizations as the American Philatelic Society, the American Stamp Dealers Association, the Midwest Stamp Dealers Association, and the Chicago Collectors Club. The company stated that it even has staff members on the boards of the American Stamp Dealers Association, and Midwest Stamp Dealers Association. The company went on to state that it will remain actively involved in philatelic organizations for years to come.

Rasdale went on to state that, while the company has retained its core values and services, much has changed over the years. Rasdale announced that it continues to run live stamp auctions out of its Chicago stamp auction house, though the internet has enhanced the live auction experience, making it more convenient for stamp buyers. Rasdale announced that its website has a “Rasdale Live” feature, which allows users to place bids on live auctions via the website. Rasdale stated that this feature allows users from around the world to create accounts and place bids from home. Rasdale also announced that auction catalogs from current and past auctions are available on its website.

Rasdale went on to state that its website does allow stamp collectors to sell stamps directly to the company. According to the company, its website contains a form that can be filled out with basic information about the stamps being sold. Rasdale went on to state that, while this innovative use of technology is a break from the past, it positions the company for success in the twenty-first century. Visit Rasdale Stamp Company at or use this URL,

Rasdale Stamp Company concluded by saying that it is honored to have served stamp collectors for the past 85 years, and looks forward to serving them for many decades to come. Rasdale stated that, while the company has seen many changes in the hobby, its commitment to serving stamp collectors around the globe has remained constant. Rasdale can now be followed at BrownBook, at

Company: Rasdale Stamp Company
Address: 35 Chestnut Avenue, Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: (630)794-9900
Email: [email protected]