08, May 2015: Focusky, a global leader in the development of digital presentation software, recently unveiled a variety of updated products and services guaranteed to inspire presenters and their audiences alike.

Moving far beyond the era of stale, dated PowerPoint slide shows, Focusky’s free video presentation software package blends unlimited zoom and pan features into any presentation and allows the author to embed video and audio as well. The result is a captivating and engaging presentation that simply isn’t available anywhere else.

To begin, users quickly import their existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and then choose from a large library of pre-designed templates and themes. The simple step-by-step, and customizable editing tools make fine-tuning extremely easy. Once complete, users of this free service can export their polished presentation as video format for YouTube or Vimeo websites, making it easily sharable and embeddable into websites and electronic communications.

“For years, presenters have been forced to tell their story the same old way. They’ve been using the same methods and tools,” said Focusky President Jason Chen. “What we’ve done at Focusky is give these inspiring people the ability to build and share presentations that truly reflect their content. Best-of-all, we’re offering these powerful new design tools to them free of charge. To create the same product—prior to Focusky—presenters might have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars outsourcing their work to video production houses. We save our users not only the cost, but we speed up the process and give them greater editorial control.”

Located in Hong Kong, Focusky provides its clients with high-quality, user-friendly, and cost-effective video presentation software and services. Their products work cross-platform on Mac or Windows and run smoothly in all current web browsers. For more information about Focusky, or their new presentation design tools, contact Jason Chen at [email protected] or via the company’s website at http://focusky.com/