While some end uses search for a viable ROI in the use of RFID tracking, one application that has clear and immediate benefit is using RFID in jewelry tracking. Tracking jewelry inventory is uniquely suited to the use of RFID for several reasons:

1. The high value of the jewelry items makes the loss of even one item potentially very expensive, thereby making it easy to quickly recognize an ROI.
2. Since many jewelry displays are set up daily and then stored in safes in the evenings, there is ample opportunity for loss of product.
3. Due to the fluctuation in jewelry value as the price of gold fluctuates; the insurance costs of inventory can vary. It is critical to maintain accurate inventory in order to maintain accurate insurance records.
4. For some stores, the jewelry inventory can be consigned inventory. Again, it is critical to maintain clear records of inventory as the value of the jewelry fluctuates.
5. Jewelry sales require one-on-one attention of the jewelry sales person who tends to be highly specialized. Any time a sales associate is not working on mundane tasks such as inventory tracking is time they have freed up to spend working with their customers.

For jewelers interested in pursuing a pilot for RFID Jewelry Tracking, it is critical to define the pain points as listed in the ‘Designing the System; section above. It is especially important to try to define measurable goals so that any improvements recognized with RFID can be measured.

The next step is to choose a strong RFID partner that understands the unique challenges of RFID Technology. Ideally, the partner should provide both UHF and HF solutions and have a strong understanding of RFID tags, readers, and processes as well as experience implementing RFID.

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