Victoria, Australia; 02, September 2016: Much the the style of Rhett May's music can be attributed to his upbringing. Born in Calcutta in 1950, May became part of a diverse music scene consisting primarily of Carnatic and Hindustani music that heavily feature the sitar and tabla. In addition to the native music styles of the country, the proliferation of Western music across the globe began to take hold and May was exposed to the music of rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Monkees, and The Beatles.

At age 15, May formed his fist band, The Wooly Bullys, who won Battle of the Bands in 1966. After performing at notable venues of the time such as the Park Hotel, Trincas, and Mocambo's the Bullys evolved into the Flint Stones, who became one of the most successful pop groups in India. They were featured in a number of music publications, and known for their hit single "Be Mine", which attracted the attention of legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Apple Records.

During this time, Rhett continued his musical evolution and experienced a great deal of success, which included performing for the Queen of Buhtan.

In 1969, May left his native Calcutta and headed for Australia, where he won the Perth Talent Quest as a solo artist in 1971. He then formed what would eventually become May's most notable music outfit, Lucifer, which experienced success throughout the 1970s opening for a number of legendary artists including Queen and Ray Charles.

Fast forward to 2015 where his album 'Fast Cars and Sitars' broke the mould of radio rock with sounds reminiscent of The Beatles with a string of hit singles including "Rich Bitch", "Drifting and Dreaming", and the Grammy nominated "The Violence of Ice".

Now, a year after 'Fast Cars and Sitars', May is releasing his 13-track masterpiece in the making 'Creatures of the Night', which he describes as an album that will showcase his breadth of songwriting abilities and set the stage for future albums.

Songs like 'Kiss your Mama with that Mouth', 'Space Between Breaths', 'Creatures of the Night', are absolute killers that will have you panting for more !!

The raunchy 'Lexxi McCoy', Sandy Sweet as Candy' and 'Bella My Baby' will have you grabbing for your air guitar and banging your head and wishing for the “when the van is rocking don't come knocking' days of rock and roll.

A surprise or two such as the Indian influenced 'Elixir of the Gods' with a huge sounding layer on instrumentation and a soaring vocal that can easily take you higher when meditating…and a beautiful rendition of the heart wrenchingly poignant 'Symphony of Sorrow'…shows that May can sing as he writes…beautifully !!

The first single off the album 'Latex Lady' takes you on a fast and sensual trip down the discipline lane…while 'Back Seat of my Chevy' is a real in your face 'ball-tearer'.

'Creatures of the Night' closes with the jazz influenced 'When we make Love'..bringing you gently down to earth and wallowing in an aftermath of WOW…what have I just heard ??

'Creatures of the Night' will be available through Musik and Film Records via the Orchard/Sony label.

Just the beginning of a busy future for May, which will include recording another LP with his childhood buddy James 'Jimbo' Payne…15 songs that are already written, and hopefully a book containing May's more than 200 works of poetry.

For more information on Rhett May, check out his website at or find him on Spotify.

Also check out his YouTube video for his track "Latex Lady" and get your senses reeling!

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