While the end of 4th quarter of 2014 saw 14 percent of the Australian Smartphone users engage via WhatsApp application, it is predicted that over 60 percent of the technology investors would be from industries and business organizations. A recent survey conducted by Deloitte.com.au suggests that nearly a billion people will upgrade Smartphone in 2015. The survey includes the maximum number of participants from Australia.

Google issued warnings to website owners to fix their websites and make them mobile friendly. Based on its research conducted for over two years Google found that over 90 percent Smartphone users surf internet from their mobiles. The number of Smartphone users by 2016 for Australia alone is expected to rise from 24 percent of the population (2010) to 80 percent.

While 22 billion users downloaded free mobile apps in 2011, the number is expected to rise to 253.91 billion by 2017. Similarly, paid app download in 2011 was 2.9 billion and is expected to rise to 14.78 billion by 2017.

Messenger apps alone would comprise of market worth USD 28.2 trillion. While apple apps have seen the most loyal consumers, the android apps and Google play store has given them a great run for their money. Android apps rule the market and are expected to continue to be the top choice of the Smartphone users in the foreseeable future as well. As per ComScore reports, an Android app saw 72.25 million unique visitors in June 2014 i.e. the Google Play app.

While mobile games, Smartphone messenger apps and Facebook apps have been favourite amongst almost all ages of Smartphone owners, the demand for business apps is equally on the rise. The e-commerce apps in Australia alone would see a rise of around 3 percent. One of the most catching up trend is of the apps for mobile payments. The mobile commerce apps would be worth USD 575 billion by 2017 and were worth 290 billion in 2012.
While over 21 percent Smartphone users engage in gaming on their iPhones, over 10 percent prefer educational apps. Over 10 percent of the iPhone users engage in business apps via iOS platform.

Apart from the business apps, the other iOS apps that the Smartphone users indulge in are lifestyle app, entertainment apps, utilities and travel apps. Each one of these app categories has a minimum share over 5 percent of the iOS App as per user engagement.

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