28, November 2014: Born in Vietnam, and raised in Australia, Thai says that it was the power of words to stimulate favorable changes that initially motivated him to begin writing. With a Theology BA from Texas, and having experience as a 5-Star Chef, an International Kick-boxer, and Spiritual Teacher, Thai now stays in Peru, where he is completing his first book about how we master our internal discussion, and offering stories which can shape our lives by design.

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Thai states... "People who aspire to become better or driven by success, will most likely already heard the word personal objective tossed about, or the importance of setting objectives. It is crucial that people are so conscious of their objectives in order to produce powerful intentions, though this term has been termed vague and complicated. People can be puzzled about whether intention refers to belief, prayer, or faith, so in a simplified manner, I 'd describe intentions as thoughts directed to a desired result."

While numerous critics of such structured thinking patterns attempt to put the dampers on with unfavorable comments, there is a lot more clinical research being carried out about how the mind impacts reality. Thai states that the level of the power of our intentions can be seen in ancient knowledge. He said... "Buddha stated that all we are is the outcome of what we have actually already thought, and that the mind is everything, and what we think is exactly what we end up being. Jesus Christ stated Whatever you ask for in prayer, just think that you have already received it, and it'll be yours. And more recently, comedian Jim Carrey says he puts his entire professional career down to the power of intention, saying that our objective is everything, with nothing taking place in the world without it, and that not one single thing has actually ever been achieved without intention."

Success expert Andy Shaw states that following bankruptcy a number of years ago, he considered just vanishing off into the business world to make yet another fortune, to then re-emerge a few years later on as another success story. He said... "Something had actually changed in me, as I all of a sudden discovered by chance the key to regulating my mind. I had become aware of my objectives, the unlimited powers I had at my disposal, and finally started to imagine the best ways to create my life by design." Andy went on to release his findings in his best selling book called "Creating a Bug Free Mind."

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