Out of Pocket is a non-fiction Kindle Edition e-book released by Steve Ryan, where he shares his personal insights and stories to teach others how they can build their personal wealth by cutting out excuses!

Out of PocketMarch 30, 2015, Alexandria, VA, USA- Steve Ryan, renowned author and self-improvement expert has set out to demystify the information that surrounds those who cannot leave out their old beliefs about life and money. Instead of changing, such individuals keep on making excuses and continue to struggle financially. In other words, they are ignorant towards their personal finance and never dare to try out new things that could actually help them improve their personal and financial life. However, with the launch of his new book “Out of Pocket,” Steve wants to present such individuals with a comprehensive guidebook that could break age old myths, and inspire and motivate them to become better in their personal life.

As Steve summarizes: “Whether you just want to educate yourself on personal finance and money, you currently tackle problems with your loans, taxes, or debts, or you just simply feel unfulfilled in life, Out of Pocket will show you the real, practical ways to build up your finances while opening the door to wealth.”

The book tells the insights and stories of the author. From a true corporate person whose knowledge was limited to COD and Saving Account, the author has experienced many things that ended up changing him to a person with entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to self-educate himself on asset building. Besides this, Steve strongly believes that the poor attitude towards money is the main reason why people are financially struggling or unprepared. With the help of this book readers will be able to examine themselves, find answers to some uncomfortable questions which they never thought about, learn by examples, right action plans, and importance of protection. Besides this, readers will also get to learn money management, investment and asset building techniques.

Some of the key pointers in the book:

•    Old myths such as "Jobs are safe and reliable", "Starting up is expensive", "Best investment is mutual fund", "All debts are bad", "Save all the money" and some more are crushed in this book.
•    The common money mistakes people made involving loans, taxes, debs, savings and interests.
•    How to build wealth and the true meaning of wealth?
•    Why one should build his assets?
•    What kind of assets one should consider: Real estate, Stocks, Business?
•    Why one should always protect himself and his assets?
•    Why people are poor and how to change it?
•    Action plans.

The book is currently available exclusively on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QSBZSFC

About the Author: Steve Ryan

Hailing from Alexandria, VA Steve Ryan is a top-notch author and entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to discover true passion and experience them. When he’s not writing, he provides consultation to people in order to help them improve their personal finance through his personal wealth growing philosophy.

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