ORANGE COUNTY, California, Sept. 19, 2019 (RT News) - TAP-IN Session just announced the launching of their Direct-To-Consumer app that will connect artists and fans in Orange County and beyond. Agents and event managers looking for an artist no longer needs to go down all the way to Los Angeles to search for artists as the app allows you to find homegrown talents who understand what people of Orange County wants. The app will also allow fans to connect directly with their favorite artists.

TAP-IN Session is a group of 50+ artists from Orange County California working together under one roof to create a compilation album with a different genre of music & musicians. TAP-IN range from music engineers, producers, graphic designers, videographers, & artist. This group of new generation fresh talents from Orange County is not only trying to showcase their amazing talents to the world but also wants to make use of music and technology to give more opportunities to every kid in Orange County and actually make a difference in their community.

Speaking at the app launch, Mr. Lavel Tate - one of the members of TAP-IN Session made it clear that TAP-IN wants to create a movement that will actually make a big difference in Orange County. The kids behind this project dream of helping the county overcome its Wild West past. Orange County is known for its beautiful weather, Disneyland great schools, suburban living, and surfing spots. However, until now, not a lot is known about the music scene of this county inhabited by over 3.19 million people. All that is about to change with the work TAP-IN is doing. For the first time ever in the history of Orange County, 50+ homegrown talents are working together to make Orange County a hotspot for musicians and also to provide an opportunity for kids. TAP-IN Session also planned to give a percentage of the revenue from the app towards fighting youth homelessness in Orange County.

TAP-IN Session is a revolutionary music project in Orange County. The kids that are part of "TAP IN" wants to change the narrative that Orange County never had a music scene. They are leveraging technology and social influence to get the world to "TAP IN" into this visionary project. With the launch of the app, it is now available worldwide on Google PlayStore and Apple Store. You too can help these kids achieved their dream of making a difference in their community by downloading the app on your Android or iOS smartphones.

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Lavel Tate

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +1-234-567-89