July 30, 2014: Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run is an exciting game in which players assume the role of an explorer. The explorer wants to escape from demonic monkeys after stealing a treasure from a temple. Gamers can enjoy the game until they can keep the character protected from the monkeys. This is an interesting game with somehow a different theme that appeals to the gamers. Temple run online game is available for free on the leading gaming website, Games Squad. 

The game was initially launched in 2011 for iOS device users. Gradually, the game gained huge popularity among the online gamers, with the release of its sequel for both iOS and Android devices. As per an estimate, the game has been downloaded over one billion times. And now, it is being considered that its popularity will become even more widespread with its free availability on Games Squad. Anyone can visit the website and can enjoy the game for free. 

The developer duo of the game Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova are husband and wife and they have designed this game for people to have enjoying gaming sessions during their free times. In the game, players need to protect the character from monkeys and keep him running as long as they can. They can control the character and his movements. If the character falls off the temple to meet his end or gets caught by the monkeys, the game ends. The challenge of keeping the explorer alive and away from the monkeys brings the desired excitement in the game. Moreover, the explorer has the objective of collecting coins while saving himself from demonic monkeys who are very eager to eat him up. 

The spokesperson of Games Squad reveals that Temple Run has become incredibly popular among the worldwide gamers, and they have included it in their portfolio considering the growing demand for the game. The developers of the game have also developed similar types of games, namely Temple Guns and Temple Jump, to take advantage of the growing popularity of the game. People who want to enjoy theTemple run online game can visit the link http://gamesquad.net/temple-run-game

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