Compelling New Book Helps Women Lead Happier, More Intentional Lives

March 01, 2019 - FREDERICK, Maryland — From the first sentence of The Actions: 7 Steps to Awaken a New Mindset That Achieve New Results by Margaret Tran, the compassionate and inspiring words Tran weaves to share her insightful journey from the ashes of despair to personal triumph and positive change provide hope and solace for others walking through similar fires.

Tran harnesses the power and heartache of her very personal story of how she rose from utter despair following the devastating loss of her mother to a life radiating positivity in which she is now more fully present than she has ever been. Her seven-step process assures readers that happiness and satisfaction aren’t pipe dreams, but they are states of being that are entirely possible when you embrace an action-oriented mindset.

Through combining her personal experiences of heartache and triumph with her expertise in spiritual and mindset healing, Tran provides women with simple tools and advice they can implement to facilitate positive change and rekindle their life’s purpose. Tran’s honest and straight-forward style forces readers to dig deep and discover what is holding them back so they can break free and grow into better versions of themselves for both themselves and others around them.

The Actions: 7 Steps to Awaken a New Mindset That Achieve New Results takes readers through a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and finally, self-actualization though breaking bad habits and formulating positive thoughts and behaviors that lead to sustainable life change. Readers are left with a tangible blueprint for happiness and success that will make their dreams, goals, and intentions a reality. A guide displaying astonishing talent and promise, The Actions announces Tran as an exciting new voice in the realm of spiritual guidance and purposeful living.

The Actions:7 Steps to Awaken a New Mindset That Achieve New Results is available in digital copy for purchase on Amazon.

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About the Author: Margaret Tran is an author and a spiritual and energy healing coach. She helps women make meaningful changes in their life by helping them rekindle their life’s purpose. Tran cites the teachings of Buddha, as well as tranquility, simplicity, and balance as her guiding forces and teaches other how to harness them for good. Tran has traveled the world but now calls Frederick, Maryland her home where she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and four dogs.

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