05 July, 2014: The Lovelady Center, a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to restoring hope and rebuilding lives, is proud to offer exceptional life-changing program designed to transform the lives of women and children. The Center provides transitional services to help improve the quality of life of women and their children.

Women and children are commonly considered particularly vulnerable in times of conflict situations. They also often suffer more in times of intricacies in life. For this reason, The Lovelady Center is providing not only a shelter to serve as their refuge, but also various programs that will open opportunities that will bring changes into their lives.

At The Lovelady Center, Miss Brenda Lovelady Spahn has changed many lives of women and children are transformed significantly as they become free from abuse, poverty, homelessness, continuous cycles of domestic violence and criminal thinking. The center believes that all women and children deserve a better life that is why they are providing excellent programs that would help them increase the overall quality of their life despite the cruelty of the world.

The Lovelady Center is more than just a shelter. It is offering a 9 to 12-month program designed to transform wounded lives and enables women and children to follow God’s path intended for them. All their programs are made based on faith and all women and children are introduced to Christ to provide them with hope that they always need in this life. The Lovelady Center offers access to counseling services, medical services, life-skills training, post-secondary education, housing, nutrition, childcare, job placement job training, parenting classes and addiction counseling services. There is no other center that offers these excellent services, but The Lovelady Center.

The Center offers services and housing to approximately four hundred women and children every day. The basic care they supply also includes clothing, food, housing, access to medical care as well as basic hygiene products. From education, housing programs, job placement and job training to various counseling services, anyone can surely have a more meaningful life with the help of The Lovelady Center. They also remain in contact with those individuals who graduate the program and leave to start a new life.

Miss Brenda Spahn’s primary mission of The Lovelady Center is to empower all women and children through various faith-based initiatives. This is essential for them to turn to them as faithful and well-equipped women of God. It is also their main mission to create a meaningful world by empowering women and helping them rebuild their lives and walk with faith.

For more details about the Center and how to rebuild one’s life, go to their website at loveladycenter.org.

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