A beautiful house set on a green grassy lawn is a dream for many people. A fresh green grassy lawn not only adds a lot to the beauty of the surrounding of a house but also helps in keeping the environment clean and fresh. Having breakfast or a cup of tea sitting on garden chair on a green lawn offers a unique feeling of comfort. Walking on bare foot on the smooth grassy surface creates a sensation of walking over a carpet and for children it is the ideal place to play. In US, especially in the countryside, people buy houses along with some extra lands to create a lawn of their own. Creating a lawn is not a big deal but the challenge lies ahead. To keep a lawn fresh, green and healthy one has to be very serious about its maintenance. But sparing time for green grasses is not easy for busy professionals. So you need
specialists who can take care of you lawn on behalf of you. In US and Western countries, the demand for such specialists is increasing day by day turning lawn care service into a thriving industry.

Lawn care service is broadly divided into three categories, industrial lawn care, commercial lawn care and residential lawn care. While the first two types are meant mainly for industrial sites and commercial complexes, the third one is for common people who want to stay in houses surrounded by green lawns. In US cities, residential lawn care service is a booming business and the number of such service providers is rising day by day. Proper maintenance of lawn includes a series of steps that have to be taken very carefully and at regular intervals. It needs high expertise as well as experience which common people like you and I do not possess. The residential lawn care service providers have got professionally trained people who have got the expertise to keep your residential lawn clean, green and fresh. They are equipped with the most modern equipments that are needed for the beautification of your lawn.

Regular watering is the most essential criteria for keeping grasses of you lawn healthy and green. But you need to know the exact quantity of water that your lawn needs. If you put less water the grasses will get dry and turn yellow and if there is excess water the grasses may die. That’s why you need specialists who have clear idea about the feeding capacity of a particular grassy area. Beauty of a green lawn is not only in its color and freshness but also its smoothness which comes with mowing. Regular mowing of grasses is very important to keep you lawn surface smooth and of same level in all parts. The residential lawn care service providers areequipped with advanced mowing machines that make sure that your favorite green lawn looks like a green carpet and provide a smooth sensation to your bare foot.

Maintenance of a residential lawn also includes proper feeding of the grasses with fertilizers to keep them safe from insecticides. The professional residential lawn care service providers use the best quality organic fertilizers to make sure that the grasses of your green lawn are strong and free from side effects, the generally occurs with the use of chemical fertilizers.