Traditional publishers' costs for a new book are typically $500,000. No wonder the market doesn't have open doors to your story. But here's one expert who can help get your story to the world.

Press Release – Jul 13, 2009 – D.L. Shiloh was frustrated with the world of publishing. He'd gone down the checklist: attended college, landed into the best writers' conference in America, produced cutting-edge events on AOL, and was a professional journalist. Later, he founded a sports web site that now has over 3 million hits and made real ad revenue. But when it came time for this former proofreader to pitch his novel at NY agents, the doors were shuttered.

"My research showed that traditional publishers' costs for a new book are typically $500,000," Shiloh said. "So unless they think they can get that back immediately off you, they won't touch you. No wonder the market doesn't have open doors to your story. Just because you don't fit into that box doesn't mean what you've done is invalid."

So now with a successful novel published ("Pookoo" reached No. 1 on one of's charts), Shiloh is using his 20 years of full experience - writing, web and more - to help others get their unique story out to the world. He started

"I had been a journalist and an events producer that got notice in USA TODAY," Shiloh added. "It made sense to use my skills and contacts to help others in this new media world."

Discretion is key, Shiloh added. Sports figures, celebrities and business men and women will be Homefield's VIP clientele. "We will work with an individual to get that story out to the world. We totally understand if they've hit a wall of frustration. We're the antidote to others' lack of vision."

"It depends on the subject and project, and a realistic sales figure needs to be understood," Shiloh said. "But we offer much more possibility and control and want our clients to succeed. We work on a flat-fee, not a residual basis which can be frustrating once a project goes hot. We just get paid for the work we do."

Who will be on Homefield Multimedia's roster?

"I imagine an inventor or business maverick will contact us," Shiloh concluded. "Sports figures, celebrities, even people looking for a comeback or had an incredible story to relate. Those are the types we can help."

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Homefield Multimedia is a multimedia group using new media technology, publishing books, CDs and DVDs.