Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Can Find Similar And Duplicate EXIF Tags Like Description, Comment and Camera Model.

MindGems Inc., a leading developer of computer optimization and maintenance software, has announced the release of Visisual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder The company is offering free review copies for journalists, bloggers and technology news editors.

This new release is packed with a powerful new duplicate and similar EXIF data search mode along with an improved preview panel which makes it possible to preview multiple photos simultaneously inside a duplicate group.

We asked Linda Thompson, the company's PR representative the most important question of all which is "Why would a user choose a dedicated tool like VSDIF instead of using a universal duplicate finder?" and here is the answer that we've got:

"Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is a superb tool that outperforms the standard duplicate file finders and can recognize similar photos even if they are stored in different file formats. It can compare a jpg, png and a RAW file for example and identify that they are similar. This is a task that can not be handled by common duplicate file finders that are available on the market as the binary contents of those files are completely different even if they contain exactly the same photo. To further prove this statement we provide a standard duplicate file finder on our web site for free.". Asked about the innovations in this new release she added - "VSDIF has proven over the years as the best tool for finding similar and duplicate images. Its flexible scan modes, filters, auto-check and settings make it suitable for a vast variety of tasks. This new major release adds another powerful scan method to the already vast arsenal of the tool - search for similar and duplicate EXIF data. Though this is a great new feature, the improvements do not end there. A “Multi preview” feature makes it easier to preview the images if there are more than two duplicates in a group. The flexible new panel lists all the duplicate images at once and provides options for customizations."

A free demo of the new release can be downloaded here: Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Similar And Duplicate EXIF Tags

Using the new scan method, the photos that have similar and duplicate EXIF Tags can be found and grouped together. As this feature works on all the available EXIF Tags it can be used in many different ways. A search for similar and duplicate comments or descriptions would be the most common way to use it, but there are plenty of other options available. It is easy to find all the photos shot with a certain type of equipment if the "Camera Model" Exif tag is used for the scan. Searching for duplicate EXIF Date can reveal all the photos from e certain photo shootout.

Preview Multiple Duplicate Photos Simultaneously

The new preview panel that lists all the duplicate photos in a group together makes it really easy to review and decide which copy of the similar photos to keep. The nice thing is that the panel can be resized horizontally and vertically in order to preview more thumbnails at a time. The thumbnail size can also be adjusted by simply using the mouse wheel.  

Founded in 2001, MindGems Inc. provides market-leading shareware and freeware products for home and business use. The products range from free disk management and maintenance tools like Folder Size and Fast Duplicate File Finder to corporate tools like Visual Similarity Duplicate Image finder that are used by stock photography websites and healthcare applications.

MindGems' tools are used by more than a million users around the globe and are reviewed and published on all major software websites and magazines including ZDNet, CNet, PCWorld and PCMagazine. The company’s products come pre-installed on several brands of desktop and laptop computers.

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