United States of America; 20, March 2015: There have been great bouts between various boxers. One of the fights that has been described best of all time was that of Mohammad Ali. One of the bouts that people have been waiting for more than five years was that of Pacquia and Mayweather. This five had been pending for some unavoidable reasons but now it will be aired live.

This fight would be one of the highest grossing bouts in the history of wrestling. Watching the fight live is possible for the fans of these wrestlers. No matter where the fan is situated they can watch this fight online. Pay per view of this fight would be $90 while the pay for HD videos would be $100. Both the wrestlers have unique style of playing the game and use different strategies. This makes the game very interesting as the this unique style of these wrestlers keeps the game alive till the end. Pacquiao has this tendency to throw around hundreds of punches in perpetual motion while Mayweather has a different style. Mayweather would be throwing lesser punches but he is very accurate in his style of play. Watching Pacquiao VS Mayweather Live has been a dream for various wrestling enthusiasts.

In the past decade both the boxers have faced some difficult competitors and they have been successful in defeating most of them. They have been able to make a nice name for themselves in the boxing arena. The Pacquiao VS Mayweather fight live will be shown through boxnation in various cable TV channels. Watch pacquiao vs mayweather live has various details for the boxing enthusiasts like the strengths and weaknesses of these boxers, the history of these boxers, their press conference and the date when it will be held. One just needs to browse through the website and find all the details that helps them watch Pacquiao VS Mayweather Live.

Both the wrestlers have been speaking about this fight and paquiao has said that both of them were excited about this fight and they have started training hard for the fight that is stated to be held on May 2nd. Even Mayweather was seen saying that he has faced almost all the biggest fighters in present times and he believes in himself that he can win this bout. The press conferences held and the words been spoken by both the fighters makes it more interesting to watch the fight. Huge amount of fans have been waiting to watch this fight live and they need to wait till 2nd May. Mayweather stays undefeated while Pacquiao comes into this contest with two losses under his belly.

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Watch pacquiao vs mayweather live is a website that provides all the information required for the bout between Pacquiao and Mayweather. This fight is stated to be held on 2nd May and people can see it online through boxnation and know more about the bout through the above mentioned website.