India; 1/27/2014: Movies have always been one of the most commonly chosen means of recreation and entertainment. On the other hand, lives have got busier to go out for movies every now and then. Keeping updates about all the recent releases is different from planning a movie. The movie freaks find it really difficult to balance their work schedules with their plans. Moreover, going for a movie each time a new one releases is not just time consuming, but expensive as well. The website, Join 4 Movies, offers a huge collection of Hindi movies that offers the movie freaks an opportunity to watch all the latest Hindi movies online for free.

Hindi films have always been popular in all parts of the country and Join 4 Movies has made it more convenient and brought movies to the doorstep of one and all. Movies no longer indicate wasting out a complete day after long queues for tickets and draining out money. The website offers its watchers the opportunity of watching free Hindi movies online without getting into hassles. There is a complete list of Hindi films that can be selected alphabetically. The collection includes both classics and blockbusters so that it can cater to the different tastes of the watchers. Other than offering a an opportunity to watch latest Bollywood movies and a collection of the recent releases and hits, Join 4 Movies also offers a collection of old Hindi films for people who want to delve yet again into the classics of the old times.

The website offers distinctive categories into which the movies have been put according to their years of release from the running year and going down through the golden era to the old and treasured times. The collection of latest movies include the likes of Dedh Ishqiya, Yaariyan, Dhoom 3, Sholay 3D, and others that have been released in 2014 or the latter half of 2013. The old collection offers such films as Ram Aur Shyam, Ram Bharose, Haseena Maan Jayegi, etc.

While Bollywood films have always been popular in the country, Hollywood films are growing in their popularity. There is a complete class of people who like to keep themselves updated with the latest Hollywood releases as well. Join 4 Movies offers a complete collection of Hollywood movies in Hindi. The collection of Hollywood films includes such recent releases as The Conjuring, The Right, Whisper, Thor the Dark World, The Iron Lady etc. There are old Hollywood movies available as well and the entire collection consists of dubbed versions. Those keen in watching Punjabi films can also watch latest Punjabi movies online at Join 4 Movies.

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Join4Movies offers a complete collection of free online Bollywood movies that include both recent releases and old classics. It also offers a number of Hollywood numbers that are dubbed in Hindi. For more information visit the website.