09 January, 2014: The issue of cheap and nasty blankets which is not long-lasting has been resolved with the newly designed luxury Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie that is heralded as the only outdoor blanket that is perfect for a picnic or beach use.

Freddie and Sebbie

As stated by Neil “If cheap blanks usually bugged the hell out of you, then you know longer has an issue, since the new luxury, stylish and best rated Outdoor Blanket is just like the proverbial White Knight come riding in to save the day,” There’s no need to concern with bringing your cheap or old tatty blanket to your significant events like going to the beach, or a church or company trip.

Visit here to watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kUwoPZw2uM

The new Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie will save the day for you at any time, any occasion, anywhere,” adds Neil.

The Outdoor Blankets are flexible and durable that’s why this blanket is ideal for any type of occasions and it is suitable for any case or situation.

This is the reason observed by the spokesperson of this Outdoor Blanket why everyone should get these fashionable blankets that are great for any special occasion. The spaciousness, lightweight, and easy to fold plus compactness are some of the Outdoor Blanket’s listed advantages.

Considered to be created from the strongest quality components available, the Outdoor Blanket is 100 per cent polyester, won’t rip or tear just like the cheap ones often seen on the market, water-resistant material perfect for any occasion, and has a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

“No longer will you be embarrassed or feel out of place, whether it is spread out on the back seat of your Bentley or some other less renowned vehicle. One thing is for certain, it gives the whole family or your date a most comfortable, gentle and relax surface to relax on, and I am confident that makes life that much easier for everyone, particularly when you are out and about with the kids,” explains Neil.

Bd Zen, Amazon.com buyer, had this to say, "I was looking for a gift item for a co-worker who was having her second child. They love to take their 2 yr old to the park & read books but had mentioned that she needed to get a larger beach towel with a new baby coming. So, I was thinking maybe a beach blanket and came across the Outdoor Blanket - Water Proof Backing.

What a Great Find! Now she can use this for their outside reading at the park or beach and it will fit the whole family. It even rolls up with a carrying handle - lite enough for even her small daughter to carry. We rolled it out at work and it is well made, a nice size with padding & very soft. She loved it!".

Go to Amazon.com for further specifics of the lifetime no-hassle free replacement for Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie: http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Blanket-Chequered-Guaranteed-Guarantee/dp/B00CLAZLN8/

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