According to experts, high quality car paint requires at least 12 to 14 coats and can cost thousands of dollars. Now-a-days, professionals mostly use paint spray guns for even application of car paints. In order to get the best result, paints should be carefully mixed and then smoothly applied. There is no cheaper way to get a car paint job, owners need to cash out if they prefer flawless paint job. Recently, more car owners have wanted to know the real cost of a car paint job. delves deeply into the matter to find out the different price range for car painting.

Like any other services, price range for car paints differs depending on the type painting. Some workshops offers paint job at around 300 USD – 900 USD. However, they use synthetic enamel paint that are cheap and applies only minimum coats on the car body, excluding door jams and inner hood. For a quality and branded paint job, owners need to spend at least 1000 USD – 3500 USD. Here, additional services like sanding, dents, and removing rust spotted area are provided to customers. To protect the base paint, minimum of 3 to 5 paint coats are applied. This results in a smooth and glossy finishing. Owners looking for showroom quality paint job are required to spend minimum 2500 USD to 20,000 USD. Here, 20 – 24 layers of paint and 6 - 8 clear coats are given and customers are provided with other additional services such as sanding, removing dents, and removing rust. However, it will take at least a month to get the job done.

Cost of car paint job usually depends on three important factors, which are trim removal, amount of paint, and the type of paint. Also, the location of the company is said to influence on the paint prices. This means companies located where cost of living is higher tends to charge higher prices compared to others. For more information please visit

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