Knowing the exact marking machine that is best for the material you manufacture or customize is important. Without this knowledge, you may end up purchasing a marking machine that doesn’t work well with your material.

Not only is this important to help you save money, it is also important for choosing the best way to engrave your materials. If you are a manufacturer, you probably have serial numbers, barcodes, and identifying information that you need to engrave in to your pieces. If you own a company that customizes objects for others, you may need to engrave a name or an image on to a material. Knowing how to best do this will increase your business and improve your customer satisfaction rate.

In this post, you will learn about the five most common materials that people mark using their marking machines, and you will learn which marking machine is best for which material.


Metal is one of the most common materials that needs marking. Some common metal types are copper, steel, silver, gold, aluminum, and iron.

There are two machines that will work well to mark your metal materials: the Fiber Laser marking system and the CO2 marking system.

The Fiber Laser marking system uses optic fibers and rare Earth elements that create a light that strikes the metal to engrave the image. CO2 marking systems use carbon dioxide and other gasses that create a laser as a byproduct of mixing them.


Another common material is plastic. Plastic is best carved with laser marking machines like the aforementioned Fiber Laser and CO2 marking systems. These systems work great for several different types of materials, making them great for manufacturers and other companies that sell products made from multiple materials.


Ceramic is by far one of the hardest materials to mark, but the right marksmen can pull of engraving this material with, once again, the Fiber Laser and CO2 marking machines.

Marksmen should be careful to avoid toxicity from chemical reactions, ugly marks, and potential breaks or cracks in the material.


Natural materials include things like wood, leather, paper, and cardboard. These materials are also less durable than metal and plastic, and they require a different marking maching: a UV Laser marking machine.

The UV laser marking machine uses direct exposure to ultra-violent radiation to engrave on a material. A CO2 marking system is also great for these materials.


Probably the most brittle, the UV Laser marking system is the best choice for marking on glass. This marking system makes deep and meaningful marks in glass to create a beautiful picture or logo in the material.


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