Lots of companies claim they can cure your back pain with their posture solution but NOT all posture products are created equally. Some just don’t work, others take too much time and, therefore, aren’t very practical and, worse yet, there are even some that make your posture worse! Learn why BODY-ALINE (www.bodyaline.com) is the safest, fastest & most sensible posture solution for your back pain.

The BODY-ALINE is the world’s 1st back strengthening & posture correction exercise machine. It is specifically designed for use in homes, offices, gyms & rehab clinics. It does something that no other posture product and/or back pain cure can do: It strengthens your back & realigns your postural muscles in one simple motion. You only have to use for a few minutes a day and you will stand-up taller & straighter, and feel less pressure in your back each and every time you use it. Here’s are some quick comparisons that explain why the BODY-ALINE is far superior to any other back & posture solution on the market:

Posture Vests, Straps, Shirts, Braces & Supports:
These wearable posture aids & devices don't permanently correct the muscle imbalances that cause poor posture, as the BODY-ALINE does. In fact, the extra support offered by these types of products will actually make your postural muscles weaker. Here's how: The tight fitting fabric of these devices constricts your shoulder muscles to manually pull your shoulders down & back. Similar to wearing a cast over your arm or leg, constant constriction also causes your muscles to become WEAKER over time - not stronger because they are being supported/stabilized. Therefore, once you quit wearing the cast, or in this case the posture brace, your posture muscles can actually become more imbalanced compared to when you started wearing the brace or shirt. This makes you reliant on wearing these devices ALL the time and who wants to do that?  Posture vests, shirts, braces & supports are just temporary solutions – at best, whereas the BODY-ALINE is a permanent solution because it actually corrects the muscle imbalance the causes poor posture. With the BODY-ALINE, you are using you own muscles to fix your posture – not fabric that must be applied all the time.

Electronic Wearable Posture Reminders:
The BODY-ALINE back & posture exercise machine is a much more sensible solution compared to posture reminders, which are electronic gadgets that clip to your clothing & make noise when you slouch. Posture reminders can certainly be effective because they train you like one of Pavlov’s dogs. But, if you are considering buying an electronic posture beeper or vibrator, you need to ask yourself which of the following options is a better long term solution for your posture & back pain:

Option #1: Permanently rebalancing your muscles with targeted stretching & strengthening exercises? –OR- Option #2: Constantly wearing an external biofeedback mechanism on your clothing all day long and everyday and getting beeped or buzzed when you slouch and, often time, even when you’re not slouching (read the online reports about these items)?

The choice should be obvious. The BODY-ALINE permanently retrains postural muscles into balance every time it’s used, which makes it the ideal solution for correcting posture to cure most back pain, especially when compared to cleverly-marketed electronic posture gimmicks and gadgets - that just aren’t very practical.

The solid straightforward science behind the BODY-ALINE, along with its convenience, ease-of-use and effectiveness, make it the safest, most sensible and fastest solution for curing most types of chronic back pain via having good posture. This is why it’s the best back pain solution on earth.

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