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Era Organics Honeybuns Baby Lotion Pleases Mothers Looking for All Organic Baby-Skincare

The latest product from Era Organics, Honeybuns Baby Lotion is quickly emerging as a favorite baby skincare alternative amongst mothers that only prefer all natural products. This USDA approved baby lotion contains several nutrient enriched natural ingredients. 26th August, 2016 Era Organics’ recently launched product Honeybuns Baby Lotion is making quick inroads in In […]

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Though Traveling Ways Vary, Riding Airwheel Monocycle Electric Is Appealing.

26, August 2016: With the rapid development of science and technology, various modes of travel have begun to emerge. Which novel and interesting modes of travel you have tried? Traveling by copter, traveling by self-balancing electric scooter or traveling by train? Have interest and click the website to consult: In such a modern society, […]

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Here Are the Airwheel Scooter 2 Wheel People Are Most To Ride

26, August 2016: With so many vehicle types in this year, Airwheel gained an increasing popularity. And many consumers express their interest in those intelligent vehicles released by Airwheel. Have interest and click the website to consult: Recently, people are most excited to watch the Olympic sports such as gymnastics, swimming, rowing, archery or […]

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Your Casual Style Life with Airwheel Electric Scooter and Electric Bikes

26, August 2016: Fashionable, light and meticulous, each series product of Airwheel has each own characters and brings pleasure and convenience to users to a large extent. Have interest and click the website to consult: Nowadays, it is not just a displacement from A to B about a trip. Guys enjoy the pleasure on […]

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Ritual Network Is Celebrating Monthly Growth

26, August 2016:Ritual Network, a certified YouTube Partner is already a leading MCN and has a well established and fast growing partner base. Ritual Network partners have approximately 75 million video views a month across all video platforms and they’re celebrating 300% growth for the third consecutive month. The company’s focus is on offering exciting […]

Continue Reading → Organized the Screening of the Documentary “Folk Theatre of Bengal”

Dealing with the flimsy and fragile existence of the theatre groups in rural Bengal, Birla Academy of Art & Culture hosted the screening of a very touching documentary. Art lovers and explorers of various cultures that want to have an essence of the cultural ethos and artistry of Bengal needs to delve into the rural […]

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Southern Comfort Entertainment Announces New Album New Southern Order

26, August 2016: Over the last year, Southern Comfort Entertainment has been working on the NSO compilation album with Extraordinaire, IamChristyle, OG WileOut, RastasWorld & ChipOffDaBloc titled New Southern Order. IamChristyle’s “Lit” is the first single off the album and looks like it’s a real lituationon the club scene. Southern Comfort Ent also launched its […]

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Breakthroughs of Airwheel in Electric Scooter Equipment over the Past Year

26, August 2016: Airwheel has been a large-scale science and technology company in just few years by its keen sense of smell for this market. In the past years, Airwheel succeeded in finishing the integration of industrial chain and brand globalization in portable and intelligent transporting vehicles. The broadened production line of electric equipment and […]

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Response to Media Studies Course is Overwhelming for Birla Global Institute

Media students of Birla Global Institute have achieved wonderful grades in University examination. With proper training and teaching methodologies, students gain what they desire for. Students of Birla Global Institute has secured 1st and 2nd position in MJMC 2015 Utkal University Examination. This achievement of the students has overwhelmed the institute. Rewarding Success in MJMC […]

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Airwheel Electric Scooter Are Provided For Cooling You from Hot Weather

26, August 2016: In hot summer days, going out will be not a so pleasant thing. For our daily routines, are there vehicles that can be used for short-distance trip so as to make us feel happy even though being in a hot weather? Now you shall alter the traditional trip concept and choose Airwheel […]

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